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<h3>Council Disclaimer, Copyright &amp; Privacy Notice</h3>
<p>All information contained within this website is subject to copyright and is the property of Corangamite Shire Council.</p>
<p>Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under copyright legislation, no part may be reproduced or reused for any purpose.</p>
<p>If you wish to re-use or reproduce any part of the website in whole or part for commercial use, expressed written permission must be given by Corangamite Shire Council.</p>
<p>This includes, but is not limited to, all textual information, logos, images, ideas, technical facilities, intellectual property and other items contained and/or delivered via this website.<br /></p>
<p>The information contained on this website is delivered on an as is basis and all efforts have been made to ensure it is correct and up to date.</p>
<p>However, Council will not be held liable for any loss - whether financial or otherwise - resulting from use of the information contained within this website. Corangamite Shire does not make any warranty, either implied or impressed, as to the suitability of the information provided on this website.</p>
<p>The information on this website is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the site undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. Corangamite Shire Council reserves the right to change any information on this website from time to time, without notice.<br /></p>
<h4>Linked Third Party Sites</h4>
<p>This web site includes links to third party websites.</p>
<p>Corangamite Shire Council has no control over, nor will be held responsible for, the content available on any third party website to which it is linked. This includes, but is not limited to, liability for any loss - whether financial or otherwise - resulting from use of the information contained within third party websites. Council can not guarentee the privacy of persons using third party sites.<br /></p>
<h4>Privacy Statement</h4>
<p>This is the Corangamite Shire Council website. We are committed to protecting user privacy. We understand that visitors and users of this website are concerned about their privacy, and the confidentiality and security of any information that is provided.</p>
<p>Information collected on the Corangamite Shire Council website</p>
<p>Unless you specifically tell us, the Corangamite Shire Council website will never know who you are. When you visit the Corangamite Shire Council website our standard web logs record anonymous information for statistical purposes only, including:<br />&middot; the type of browser you are using<br />&middot; your traffic patterns through our site such as:<br />&middot; the date and time of your visit to the site<br />&middot; the pages you accessed and documents downloaded<br />&middot; the previous page you visited prior to accessing our site<br />&middot; the Internet address of the server accessing our site<br /></p>
<h4>Subscriptions and Personal Data Collection</h4>
<p>When you elect to subscribe to receive information from the Corangamite Shire Council on the topics of your choice you are required to provide, First Name, Surname, Phone Number and E-mail Address. You are then added to our mailing list and will be sent notification when changes are made to your selected topics. This process is totally automated. You may modify your preferences at any time.</p>
<p>The creation date and time of your subscription profile is logged, as are the date that your details are edited and the date of your last login.</p>
<p>Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time. Confirmation of your removal from our web site database is sent in the following form:</p>
<p>"All records for Email Address: Your_email_address@Your_host have been deleted."<br /></p>
<p>This site does not provide facilities for securely transmitting information across the Internet. We recognise that there can be risks with transmitting information across the Internet.<br /></p>
<h4>Attempts to Identify Your Personal Details</h4>
<p>We may attempt to identify your personal details when:<br />&middot; in the event of an investigation when a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the Corangamite Shire Councils website logs.<br />&middot; If you choose to download information from the Tenders or Employment sections of the Corangamite Shire Council website<br />&middot; If you choose to forward a request to us by filling out an online form<br />&middot; If you request to be able to update an entry into our community database or business data base<br />&middot; if you choose to subscribe to receive information from the Corangamite Shire Council on the topics of your choice<br />No attempt is or will be made to identify your personal details except in the circumstances outlined above.<br /></p>
<h4>Recording of e-mail Addresses</h4>
<p>We will only record your e-mail address if you send us a message. Your e-mail address will only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which you have provided it and it will not be added to a mailing list or used or disclosed for any other purpose without your consent.</p>
<p>E-mail correspondence sent to the Corangamite Shire Council will be recorded in accordance with Council processes and will be retained as required by Council policies and other relevant regulations. Once these processes, policies and regulations are satisfied, archived e-mail correspondence will be destroyed.</p>
<p>We will not add any details to a mailing list without your consent, and we will not disclose your details to third parties without your consent, unless required by law. We will disclose your e-mail details to the relevant authorities if necessary to protect the safety of the public or to protect the rights and property of the Corangamite Shire Council.</p>
<p>We may monitor e-mail traffic for system trouble-shooting and maintenance purposes only.<br /></p>
<h4>Requests for Service</h4>
<p>We may also - at your request - store information about you to respond to any request for service or information from you. This information will be kept secure and confidential by Council systems and employees. We will not disclose it unless we are required to do so by law. This information would include;<br />Relevant contact details, such as: Name, Address, Phone Number and details of the service request.</p>
<p>You are entitled to view and correct any errors in information held by Corangamite Shire collected from this website about you. You can request this information by contacting Corangamite Shire Council in writing, specifying the information to which you require access.<br /></p>
<h4>Tenders and Employment Downloads</h4>
<p>When you select a Tender or Employment download link on the council website, you will be redirected to a form which requires you to fill in your contact details prior to downloading the document file. Only upon completion of the form will you be allowed to download the associated Tender/Employment files.</p>
<p>&gt; Why are your details required for Tenders or Employment Downloads?<br />Tender and Employment Addendums need to be sent to people that have downloaded the original Tender and Employment document files. This is to ensure that they have the correct and most current information upon which to base their decisions.</p>
<p>When Tender or Employment Addendums are published, an e-mail will automatically be sent to all people that have downloaded the original tender or registered for employment advising them of the Addendum. The Addendum document will be attached to the e-mail. If the e-mail is not received by the intended recipient, it will be returned to the e-mail address contained in Email Notification for the tender/employment notice. A report of these e-mails can be produced and is visible only to Corangamite Shire Web site administrators.<br /> <br />Clickstream Data<br />Clickstream data is a virtual trail that a user leaves behind while surfing the Internet.</p>
<p>A clickstream is a record of a user's activity on the Internet, including every Web site and every page of every Web site that the user visits, how long the user was on a page or site, in what order the pages were visited, any newsgroups that the user participates in and even the e-mail addresses of mail that the user sends and receives. Both ISPs and individual Web sites are capable of tracking a user's clickstream.</p>
<p>Clickstream data is becoming increasingly valuable to Internet marketers and advertisers.<br /></p>
<h4>Web Beacons</h4>
<p>This website does not use Web Beacons which are also known as a Web bug, pixel tag or a clear GIF.</p>
<p>&gt; What does a Web Beacon do?<br />A Web beacon is an often-transparent graphic image that is placed on a Web site (or in an e-mail) and when used in combination with cookies, can monitor the behaviour of the user visiting the Web site (or sending the e-mail).</p>
<p>The type of information collected might include the IP address of the computer that retrieved the image, the time the Web beacon was viewed and for how long, the type of browser that retrieved the image and previously set cookie values.</p>
<p>&gt; Who uses Web Beacons?<br />Web beacons are typically used by a third-party to monitor the activity of a site.</p>
<p>&gt; How do I detect and prevent Web Beacons?<br />A Web beacon can be detected by viewing the source code of a Web page and looking for any IMG tags that load from a different server than the rest of the site.</p>
<p>Turning off the browser's cookies will prevent Web beacons from tracking the user's activity. The Web beacon will still account for an anonymous visit, but the user's unique information will not be recorded.<br /></p>
<p>This web site does not use cookies, however some 3rd party sites linked from Corangamite Shire Council website do use persistent cookies.</p>
<p>&gt; What is a Cookie?<br />A cookie is a piece of information that an Internet website sends to your browser when you access information at that site. Upon receipt of the information your browser saves the information on your hard-disk (unless your browser doesn't support cookies). Each time you use your computer to access that same website, the information that was previously received is sent back to the website by your browser. Most commonly used browsers support the use of cookies.</p>
<p>&gt; Why are Cookies used?<br />When you access the Internet through a public ISP, each request you make to a website cannot be linked to a previous request, as each request does not contain a permanent unique identifier. Cookies allow website operators to assign a unique permanent identifier to a computer which can be used to associate the requests made to the website from that computer.</p>
<p>Cookies indicate to a website that you have been there before and can be used to record what parts of a website you visit. While cookies in themselves may not identify you, in the way a name or address does, a cookie could potentially be linked with other identifying information. For example, if you provide extra information about yourself to the website by buying something on-line or subscribing to a free service, then the cookies can be used to build up a profile of your buying habits and what you are interested in. They can then be used to tailor banner advertising to your interests.</p>
<p>&gt; Types of Cookies<br />Cookies can be either "persistent" or "session" based. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer, contain an expiration date, and may be used to track your browsing behaviour upon return to the issuing web site. Session cookies are short-lived, are used only during a browsing session, and expire when you quit your browser.</p>
<p>&gt; How do you avoid Cookies?<br />Many web surfers object to having files, like cookies, placed onto their hard drive without their permission. There are various things you can do to avoid cookies if you do not trust them, these include:<br /> <br /> Setting the browser cookie file to be Read Only. Whether you can do this or not may depend on what sort of Operating System (OS) or browser you are using. But if you can do this then the cookies will only last for as long as your browser is running.<br /> Set up your computer to delete the cookies file whenever you start your browser.<br /> Many browsers allow you to set them up so that you are notified when a cookie is to be written to your computer. However there may be instances where there are so many cookies that it becomes annoying to reject them all.<br /> Install a software product which will reject or manage cookies for you, these include Cookie Crusher, Cookie Pal and Cookie Cruncher. You can perform an internet search to find them.</p>